"Wings and Wheels" Trail Connects 52 Miles of Pathway

More than 70 circular bronze castings, by two Seattle artists, Judith and Daniel Caldwell, dot the 2,100-foot-long path; tell the story of Renton's rich aeronautical history.

Renton bikers and walkers celebrated a new section of pathway today that connects the Cedar River and Lake Washington Loop trails.

More than 70 circular bronze castings, by two Seattle artists, Judith and Daniel Caldwell, dot the 2,100- foot-long path. 

The "Wings and Wheels" castings tell the story of Renton's rich aeronautical history.

"It's historical, but it's also a love of planes and a love of cycling," Caldwell said the inspiration behind the castings, which depict Boeing and aviation history in both words and images.

Caldwell painted a picture of a child's first bike ride for the crowd of more than 40 attendees at the trail's opening ceremony.

"Riding a bike is one of life's most significant passages," she said, adding that bikes and planes have a lot in common.

City Arts Commissioner Sarah Eldridge explained that the commission wanted artwork that "connects bike history with Renton history."

The pathway is officially known as the Logan Avenue North Lake Washington Trail, not the Chastain Trail, a name that will be reserved for a waterfront trail along south end of Lake Washington across the north edge of the Boeing plant — if and when that trail is ever approved from construction.

Just that fact that a trail connecting 52 miles of pathway, no matter where is was located, was enough of a victory for the dozens of bikers at the event. 

"We've been waiting for this connection (between the two parks)," said Krista Holmes of Renton, who brought her children Callie, Jackie and Parker. 

The trail was funded through a Federal safety grant and cost approximately $1 million.

Daniel M. O. Caldwell June 10, 2011 at 05:05 PM
Sarah Eldridge's statement is not accurate. The Arts Commission did not request any specific subject matter, other than local historical issues, which we would always attend to in this kind of project. The concept relating bicycles and airplanes is entirely our own creation. Judith and Daniel Caldwell
Jennifer Davis Hayes June 10, 2011 at 05:53 PM
Thanks Jenny for covering this story. Daniel - You are correct that the concept for this project was not created by the Arts Commission. The Arts Commission decided that embedded art was important in this part of the trail. During the design process, Judith & Daniel Caldwell created the concept of "joining bicycle and aviation history, and weaving it into Renton Airport and Renton Boeing history." As you can imagine, the Arts Commissioners and others involved in the development of the project where ecstatic with this concept that the Caldwell's created and were even more pleased when we saw the castings. All in all, this art would not be what it is today if Judith & Daniel didn't bring their creativity to it. Thank you both and thank you to all that were involved in the trail project that helped to make this possible.


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