Clerk's 'Pocket Dial' Busts Would-Be Robber

Quick and creative action by a night time store clerk landed a suspected robber in jail.

A store clerk’s feigned ignorance and 9-1-1 “pocket-dial” stalled a would-be strong-armed robber early Wednesday morning just long enough for the police to arrive.

The suspect, a 34-year-old man from Burien, handed over a note demanding cash, but when the store clerk pretended not to understand his demands the would-be robber left the market without any stolen merchandise or cash.

The clerk then gave a description of the burglar to a 9-1-1 dispatcher who was still on the line. 

Responding officers spotted a man matching the description of the suspect near the intersection of Rainier Ave. S. and Renton Ave. before they even reached the AM/PM market located a 251 Rainier Ave. N. 

The clerk, who was still talking with the dispatcher, confirmed that the suspect was indeed the man who attempted to rob the AM/PM.

The suspect was taken into custody and booked into SCORE for Investigation of Robbery, according to the Renton Police Department.


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