Letter To The Editor: County Resident Gives Two-Cents On Renton Library Location

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So much has been written pro and con about the "Library over the River" but I decided to put my two cents worth in.  I live three houses outside the city limits of Renton and therefore can't vote on the issue; but if I could it would be a definite "yes" for maintaining the historic and beautiful "Over the River" site.  I am a member of several local and national organizations and when I say I 'm from Renton, WA., invariably the reply is, "Oh, that's the City with the unique library over the River...."  There is something to be said to be recognized for our uniqueness; even though the merchants want to revitalize the downtown core with the "new" library.  

—Barbara Nilson, Renton

Richard Bray August 01, 2012 at 11:45 PM
Our Cedar River Library is unique! Thanks Barbara for reminding us that even people outside our region marvel at our iconic library.


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