Letter To The Editor: Corman Lifts Veil Of Library Misinformation

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Thank you Council member Randy Corman for helping to clear away the veil of lies and misinformation that is confusing to Renton voters in your blog: www.randycorman.com.

Apart from the distortion of construction costs to remodel the Cedar River Library that KCLS laid out in it’s recent letter, I have a question about whether or not it is appropriate, if not illegal for KCLS to campaign as a surrogate for the ‘City Administration’ regarding the library construction costs specifically? After all, it is NOT KCLS monies that are funding the proposed remodel. OUR tax dollars are paying for the library which WE will own. KCLS will only be a lease holder/manager, for which I might add they will receive in excess of $5 million of our tax dollars to manage. Who are they campaigning for, and isn’t it correct that the City Administration is not allowed to campaign about this issue? My vote goes for the graceful and unique Cedar River Library. It will be a ‘State of the Art’ library after the remodel, which will take place when Renton voters vote for the Cedar River Library on August 7th.

Nicola Robinson, Renton

Norm Elmlund July 12, 2012 at 09:05 PM
It seems like a timed and targeted effort to sway the vote the way KCLS wants it to me. The fact that we get less library, less parking on-site, and less amenities with the smaller downtown site but pay plenty for it infuriates me. Renton's population is growing, not getting smaller, we need a larger facility. Randy Corman's expose of the figures in the letter is pretty telling. The fact that KCLS seems to have included the bill for this latest study, and the cost to mail it, in their estimate of costs is over the top.
Melissa Farmin July 13, 2012 at 03:29 AM
I think KCLS added moving the library entrance to ensure a higher estimate. This is nothing more than an underhanded trick to sway the voters. My neighbors, who were planning to vote for the Cedar River location were swayed by the inflated costs in the letter and ready to vote for the Piazza site. Fortunately, I was able to provide them with Councilman Corman's information to show that the figures were bogus. I'm concerned that many on-the-fence voters will be swayed by this big lie.
Stuart Avery July 13, 2012 at 03:36 PM
It's very important that everyone be reminded also that if the W.Piazza site is picked by voters, the abandoned Cedar River building MUST BE re-purposed by the city. Those re-purposed costs would amount to nearly the same as remodeling the existing library. This is where Renton voters are getting hood-winked. No matter what happens on the ballot the Cedar River Library building is going to get remodeled in some form or another and it's going to cost a lot. Those additional re-purpose costs are NOT part of the library construction budget and the city has no budget otherwise earmarked for that outcome. They promised we would keep the building, which means we will have to pay for it's renovations and ongoing yearly maintenance and opperations. It simply makes no sense at all to spend millions to move the library and then spend millions more the remodel the vacated building and then pay to maintain and operate it. Every obstacle that W.Piazza proponents are telling voters that make the existing location impossible, will come into play anyway when the "environmental interpretive center" proposed as the "alternative public use" comes into play. Each of you needs to do whatever you can to educate your friends and neighbors just as Melissa has done.


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