Men (And Women) Sport Mustaches To Raise Awareness

Valley Medical center employees hope to raise $2,500 for the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance through its "Movember" fundraiser.

Notice an increase in moustaches lately?

You’re not alone. Men (and women) are sporting extra facial hair (or paste-ons) this month in an effort to raise awareness of men’s health issues.

Valley Medical Center got in on the game and now they’re asking for your vote to determine the “winner” of Valley’s Movember fundraiser.

Last week Valley’s “Mo” team hit $784. This week, donations surged to $1,798, which is 71 percent to their goal of $2,500.

Jamie Park, MD, Associate Medical Director of VMC Clinic Network offered this statement Wednesday:

Well here we are in the final week of Mo'vember—hard to believe! I've been impressed by all the Mansome-ness around the network...and not just in the gentlemen. The ladies have stepped up nicely as well! Speaking of stepping up, as of this post we have raised $1628 towards our goal of $2,500 for cancer research at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance! If you were thinking of donating a buck or two, now is the time. It would be amazing if we could get to our goal of $2500. Click here if you want to donate. Starting today, final Mo’ photos will be posted here on Facebook. The Mo's with the most "Likes" by Friday win! And just to be clear—fake Mo's are fair game. We've seen some great team photos with Mo's of all types. Thank you to all of the Mo Bros for your efforts, and thank you to all of the supportive wives and girlfriends who’ve put up with our hairiness this month. We have a new video that will be posted a bit later today, and an exciting final video that will be up by the end of the week so stay tuned! More photos will be added throughout the day. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite Mo!

Are you in? Click here to vote on your favorite mustache, and click here to support the Valley Medical Center team’s Movember cause!


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