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My name is Lynn Bohart and I will be providing stories each week on how volunteers make a difference in our community.  And there are many.  If you know of someone who deserve recognition, please let me know.
Personally, I have a long history of writing and working within the community.  I hold a Master of Arts Degree in Theater (Directing) and have spent over thirty years as an executive in the nonprofit world.  Currently, I serve as Executive Director for the Renton Community Foundation and am excited to profile some of the wonderful individuals who work behind-the-scenes to make Renton a great place to live.   My passion is writing and in my spare time, I write mysteries and short stories.  I have published several short stories and written two novels (not yet published).  I'm a member of the Renton Rotary and volunteer for a variety of local causes while keeping busy with an active teenager at home. 
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