Seamount Winter League Honors Announced

Renton's Comer and Cunningham were named Seamount League Coaches Of The Year in their respective sports.

The following athletes, coaches and teams were given league honors recently as announced by Seamount League officials. There are no wrestling honors according to league officials.


Coach Of The Year - Alicia Cunningham (Renton)

Sportsmanship - Hazen

First Team - Jenna Louie (Lindbergh), Elizabeth Murtaugh (Renton), and Autumn Doolittle (Lindbergh)

Second Team - Makia Williams (Lindbergh), Kylie Magar (Hazen), and Marissa Leonard (Lindbergh).

Honorable Mention - Cynthia Fang (Renton), Lindsey Pfluger (Lindbergh), Kimberly Hoang (Renton) and Jasmine Rua (Lindbergh).



Coach Of The Year - Rick Comer (Renton)

Player Of The Year - Jonathan Patterson (Renton)

First Team - Lavelle Smith (Renton), Colin Malone (Lindbergh),

Second Team - Donavan Saario (Renton)

Honorable Mention - Emmanuel Oppong (Hazen), Dominic Green (Hazen), Brody Graybeal (Hazen), Chris Harraway (Lindbergh), Nate Cunningham (Lindbergh) and Justin Pienh (Renton).



Player Of The Year - Taylor Farris (Renton)

First Team - Jordan Armstrong (Renton) and Alexandria Witherspoon (Lindbergh)

Second Team - Cecilee Fernandez (Hazen) and Aajua Brooks (Lindbergh)

Honorable Mention - Justice Perry (Renton), Ashtine Stowers (Renton), Christina Wiley (Lindbergh), Sablena Milinganyo (Hazen) and Cameron Devereaux (Hazen).



Coach Of The Year - Roger Miron (Lindbergh)

Sportsmanship - Lindbergh

First Team - Aaron Jacobsen (Lindbergh), AJ Lim (Lindbergh), Malcolm Mitchell (Hazen), Connor Broughton (Hazen)

Second Team - Chris Foth (Hazen), Kyle Nelson (Hazen), PJ Warmenhoven (Hazen), Tanner Zornes (Lindbergh), Benny Souriyadeth (Renton), Clayton Miller (Lindbergh), Dan Pham (Renton), Nolan Hoover (Hazen), Derek Wei (Hazen)




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