Heartbreak: Lindbergh loses 31-20 to Orting

Renton shutout against Bremerton 26-0.

On a night when both Lindbergh and Renton football teams had a second chance to play, both games ended with the same mistakes that hurt them all season long.

Orting 31, Lindbergh 20

Lindbergh, ranked 10th in the Associated Press final rankings, lost to Orting who came back from 17-20 down to win 31-20 and advance to the 2A first round football championships. For the Eagles, it ended a season where only a core group of players stayed focused all season long and took the team to what head coach Pat O’Grady called the "most successful senior class in school history," with four state playoff appearances.

The Eagles scored first on a Daniel Wiitanen 1 run; Orting scored 17 points to have a 17-7 lead at halftime.

"They're taking our lunch money,” O’Grady told his team in the locker room. Jarrett Holt and Nick Troung, both linemen, helped O’Grady build a plan to open a whole for their rushers.

Lindbergh came out and scored 13 points--a Cam Callen 7-yard run and Joseph Simpson’s 24 yard run. Derrick Holt went 2 for 3 on point after attempts.

The turning point came when quarterback Tyrell Shavers threw an interception in the fourth quarter, setting up Orting deep in Eagle territory. Orting would put the game away with less than two minutes on another Shaver’s interception.

After the game, the team huddled up to listen to O’Grady and assistant coach Matt Leamer. “The hurt, the pain you are feeling... I hope it motivates you in the off-season,” said O’Grady.

Leamer reminded the team's seniors to relish the moment.

“For you seniors, it has been a great four years. Your pictures hang in my den. I want all your phone numbers to keep in contact with you,” said Leamer.

The Eagles end the season 7-3.

Bremerton 26, Renton 0

Renton had five turnovers and two missed field goals, including a 41-yard attempt on the game’s opening drive. Bremerton proved to be too strong for the Indians as quarterback Mikey Lawrence scored three touchdowns.

The Indians end their season at 4-6.

MrMyke November 04, 2012 at 06:31 AM
That photo of Tyrell Shavers breaks your heart. That team played its guts out all year. Congratulations to them for their success. And Coach O'Grady said it right...but that senior class isn't done yet. Basketball will intervene, but come springtime, when these same guys take the baseball field they will end up back in state competition. Guaranteed. Great season, and while the rest of days will bring the question of what could have been but for all those injuries, there still should be a serious feeling of accomplishment right now for that team doing all they did with what they had. Nice season Eagles. And thanks Patch and Dave Nelson for covering it so well.
Eric-kim Clayton November 04, 2012 at 06:47 PM
First of all, I would like to congratulate the Renton Indian players and coaching staff for taking us to yet another district playoffs. Renton Seniors, good luck playing at the next leve, college. As parents we are proud of your acheivements., However, let's not lose sight of the goal, a 2A State Championship. Nothing should get in the way of acheiving this goal. DREAM ADVOCACY- My son shared his dream with me and it was not my dream I had for him. I wanted my son to be the greatest tennis professional that ever lived, but it was not his dreamed so I scrapped it. His dream involved playing football on Sunday, Monday, and Thursdays. Problem: only 1300 people in any given year occupy the positions that he wishes to acquire. So first I decided to advocate learning in the classroom. I let him know that you have to always know more today than you knew the day before and the grades will take care of themselves. I do whatever I can to personally help him with homework or to get him help. I help him get better in football by sending him to camps and researching things that could help him get better. I watch him play, encourage him, engage him in conversation, and give my honest assessment of how he is doing. (cont.)
Eric-kim Clayton November 04, 2012 at 06:47 PM
(cont.) I advocate to his coaches. I am always either selling some scheme to coaches or the idea that my son should be one of their key players. Sometimes they tell me “no”, but I am like that spoiled kid who just keeps asking until he gets what he thinks is best for his kid and his team, but always in a positive way because I think the world of our coaches..the men give our athletes a lot of quality time..for free!! I am an advocate to the collegiate scouts. I am relentless about staying in contact with them to promote my son and the Renton Football program. Some of these scouts have helped Aaron Rogers achieve his goals so I need to be in their ear. My point, parents your athletes need you to advocate for them. To help make certain that their dreams have a chance to be attained. Even if they don't quite reach them, the journey, along the way will help make them valuable contributors to our Great American Society.


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