Hazen Shuts Out Lindbergh 4-0; Takes League Lead

Highlanders set sites on Tuesday's Kennedy game; land #1 seed going into playoffs.

The pouring rain didn't stop the Hazen Highlanders Thursday night from securing the top spot in the league with a 4-0 shutout against Lindbergh.

Three weeks ago the Eagles handed Hazen a 4-2 loss.

“That was an awful week for us. First Lindbergh and then Kennedy smacked us around. We were at the bottom looking up,” said Hazen Head Coach Ken Matthews.

Then, at the end of the week a rain storm passed through the Highlands area. Several teachers snapped pictures of a double rainbow that came out over the high school. All the pictures showed one end of those rainbows at The Joe. Local familiar with Hazen Soccer know the significance of the double rainbow story.

“The girls were saying Joe and Laura weren’t real happy with the way we were playing; so they sent us a message,” Matthews recalled.

Former Hazen custodian Joe Dahl and Super Soccer Mom Lora Michaud passed away in 2011.

Since then Hazen is undefeated and has outscored their opponents 32-1. 

Hazen got the important first goal of the match 32:00 minutes in when Cindy Hanson scored off an assist from Chelsea Delgado.  Twelve minutes into the second half Hanson assisted Brianne Sherin for a 2-0 lead. At 70:00 minutes into the game Delgado scored – assisted by Courtney Kiteley. Four minutes later, Sherin got her second of the night assisted by Dee Dee Green. Cameron Devereux scored the shut out. 

Hazen (5-0) with 15 points plays Kennedy Catholic Tuesday at Starfire in Tukwila. The winner will head into the 3A Subdistrict playoffs as the #1 seed.

Hazen’s JV squad also goes for an undefeated league record on Tuesday

**Game information was provided by a press release by Head Coach Ken Matthews**

The following are key upcoming games:

Tuesday Oct 23 - Renton vs Lindbergh at Renton Stadium, 6 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct 23 - Hazen vs Kennedy Catholic at Starfire, 6:30 p.m.

Thursday, Oct 25 - Kennedy Catholic vs Renton at Renton Stadium, 7:30 p.m.

Current league standings (*qualified for subdistrict playoffs)

Hazen* 5-0 (15 points) 

Kennedy* 4-1 (12 points)

Lindbergh* 4-1 (12 points)

Renton* 3-2 (9 points)

Highline 2-3 (6 points)

Evergreen 1-4 (3 points)

Foster 0-4-1 (0 points)

Tyee 0-4-1 (0 points) 

The Seamount League soccer standings (both girls and boys)  only count for the last time the team played each other. For example, Hazen played Lindbergh on Tuesday, September 25th and again on Thursday, October 18th.  The only “League” (counting) match is the October 18 match since this is the last time the two teams faced one another, according to Renton School District Athletic Director Brian Kaelin.

3A Subdistrict Playoffs (as of Oct 18 standings)

October 31 - Bonney Lake vs Seamount #1 (if Kennedy at Highline, if Hazen at Renton Stadium) 7 p.m. - winner #1 seed, loser #3 seed.

October 31 - Peninsula/Auburn Mountainview vs Enumclaw at Sunset Chev Stadium in Sumner, 7:30 p.m. (winner #2 seed, loser #4 seed).

October 31 - Peninsula/Auburn Mountainview vs Seamount #2 atSunset Chev in Sumner, 5:30 p.m.  (winner #5 seed, loser out).


3A West Central District Playoffs (November 3)

Game 1 - Narrows 2 vs SPSL/Seamount 3 at Highline 12 p.m. (winner 3rd seed)

Game 2 - Narrows 3 vs Southwest 2 at Sunset Chev, Sumner, 10 a.m. (winner 5th seed)

Game 3 - Southwest 3 vs SPSL/Seamount 2 at Highline 2 p.m. (winner 4th seed)

Game 4 - Narrows 4 vs SPSL/Seamount 1 at Sunset Chev, 12 p.m. (winner 3rd seed)

Game 5 - SPSL/Seamount 4 vs Narrows 1 at Sunset Chev, 2 p.m. (winner 2nd seed)

Game 6 - SPSL/Seamount 5 vs Southwest 1 at Kiggins Bowl, 2 p.m. (winner 1st seed).


2A West Central District Playoffs (November 3)

Seamount #3 at SPSL #1

SPSL #4 at Olympic #1

SPSL #5/Olympic #5 at Seamount #1

Olympic #4 at SPSL #2

Seamount #2 at Olympic #2

Olympic #3 at SPSL #3


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