Gymnastics Preview: Lindbergh Eyes Team Entry To State

Eagles' team led by Makia Williams and Jenna Louie.

Lindbergh gymnasts hope for the repeat title of league champions, but this year they don't plan to share it. The Eagles have seven core gymnasts including last year's state qualifiers senior Makia Williams (vault) and sophomore Jenna Louie (bars).

Other key gymnasts competing for Lindbergh include senior Jasmine Rau (all-around), senior Merissa Leonard, juniors Lindsey Pfluger and Salitha Coms.

Freshman Autumn Doolittle joins the team competing with Metropolitan Gymnastics. She will help in the all-around for the team to qualify for districts and state.

Click here for the complete gymnastics schedule.

Results from December 4:

Lindbergh 134, Hazen 130

Lindbergh 137, Highline 133

Highline 133, Hazen 130

Note - Coaches for Renton and Hazen were contacted for season preview information, but did not reply.


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