Lindbergh And Hazen Clash In Girls Soccer Thursday

Renton enjoys most successful season in years.

The battle for seeding in the playoffs goes into high gear Thursday night at Hazen High School when the Highlanders and the Lindbergh Eagles girls soccer teams clash at 7:30 p.m.

With a week left in the regular season for girls soccer, all three local schools will advance to the playoffs. Lindbergh is coming off defeating Kennedy Catholic October 11 to give the Lancers their first league loss.

Lindbergh beat Hazen on September 25 (4-2). The Eagles are led by senior Elise Aylward, who scored all four goals in their last game against Hazen. Aylward is second in the state with 23 goals and 10 assists.

"We are a young squad with only three seniors this year but we have a pretty dynamic striker in Aylward who, after taking her junior off because of injury, has really made a difference," said Lindbergh head coach James Valles.

Hazen is led by a trio of players including juniors Brianne Sherin who has eight goals, six assists; Melissa Carney six goals, eight assists; and freshman Erin Zetterberg with eight goals, two assists.

"As I told the girls, we have put ourselves into a perfect position to do everything we want to do this season," said Hazen head coach Ken Matthews.  "League championship, #1 seed, perfect positioning into sub district, bi district and the state play in game."

Renton who only won three league games last season is led by freshman Asia Brisco.

The following are key upcoming games:

Thursday, Oct 18 - Lindbergh travels to Hazen on Thursday at 7:30 p.m.

Tuesday Oct 23 - Renton vs Lindbergh at Renton Stadium, 6 p.m.

Tuesday, Oct 23 - Hazen vs Kennedy Catholic at Starfire, 6:30 p.m.

Thursday, Oct 25 - Kennedy Catholic vs Renton at Renton Stadium, 7:30 p.m.

Current league standings (*qualified for subdistrict playoffs)

Hazen* 5-0 (15 points) 

Kennedy* 4-1 (12 points)

Lindbergh* 4-1 (12 points)

Renton* 3-2 (9 points)

Highline 2-3 (6 points)

Evergreen 1-4 (3 points)

Foster 0-4-1 (0 points)

Tyee 0-4-1 (0 points) 

3A Subdistrict Playoffs (as of Oct 18 standings)

October 31 - Bonney Lake vs Seamount #1 (if Kennedy at Highline, if Hazen at Renton Stadium) 7 p.m. - winner #1 seed, loser #3 seed.

October 31 - Peninsula/Auburn Mountainview vs Enumclaw at Sunset Chev Stadium in Sumner, 7:30 p.m. (winner #2 seed, loser #4 seed).

October 31 - Peninsula/Auburn Mountainview vs Seamount #2 atSunset Chev in Sumner, 5:30 p.m.  (winner #5 seed, loser out).


3A West Central District Playoffs (November 3)

Game 1 - Narrows 2 vs SPSL/Seamount 3 at Highline 12 p.m. (winner 3rd seed)

Game 2 - Narrows 3 vs Southwest 2 at Sunset Chev, Sumner, 10 a.m. (winner 5th seed)

Game 3 - Southwest 3 vs SPSL/Seamount 2 at Highline 2 p.m. (winner 4th seed)

Game 4 - Narrows 4 vs SPSL/Seamount 1 at Sunset Chev, 12 p.m. (winner 3rd seed)

Game 5 - SPSL/Seamount 4 vs Narrows 1 at Sunset Chev, 2 p.m. (winner 2nd seed)

Game 6 - SPSL/Seamount 5 vs Southwest 1 at Kiggins Bowl, 2 p.m. (winner 1st seed).


2A West Central District Playoffs (November 3)

Seamount #3 at SPSL #1

SPSL #4 at Olympic #1

SPSL #5/Olympic #5 at Seamount #1

Olympic #4 at SPSL #2

Seamount #2 at Olympic #2

Olympic #3 at SPSL #3



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