Football Preview: Renton Indians vs Bremerton Knights

Indians looking for key win to earn first playoff appearance since 1998.

Who - Renton Indians (4-5) vs Bremerton Knights (8-1)

What - 2A Sub-District playoffs (winner advances to the 2A WIAA Football Championship First Round)

When - Friday, November 2, 7 p.m.

Where - Silverdale Stadium

Radio/Webcast - No radio or webcast

Twitter - Post updates to the Renton Patch Twitter

Last state appearance - Renton hasn't seen the 2A playoffs since switching from 3A where they lost to Capital in 1998 in quarterfinals. Bremerton has not been in the playoffs since 1993 losing to Newport 42-6. This is Bremerton's first year in 2A.

Head Coach Donald Ponds says his team can beat Bremerton.

"They are just like any other team, but we will have to do it in all phases of the game," he said. 

"On the defensive side of the ball, we have to make tackles, that has been our crutch all year. They are a big play offense and thrive on those big plays. We have to create negative plays and play solid up front, meaning we have to tackle on first contact. We have to rally to the football and tackle," Ponds said. 

"Their quaterback, Mikey Lawrence is a dynamic player, he scores more than 65% of their touchdowns," Ponds said.

Currently Lawrence has passed for 1,199 yards with 14 touchdowns. Running back Andrew Shadle is the other scoring threat, with three touchdowns last week. He has 864 yards rushing on 131 carries and 10 touchdowns. Shadle also plays defense with 42 total tackles and 2 sacks. Lucas Anderson leads the team in total tackles 52 and 6.5 sacks.

"Offensively, we can’t worry about making big plays. We have to be consistent and sustain drives and we can’t get down on ourselves if we have to punt…just as in the game against Hazen, we got down on ourselves and it effected our offense," said Ponds.

"We need to score 35 points to win, I don’t care how we get the points, but we will need to score some points on the offensive side of the ball to get confidence," said Ponds.

Ernie Davis leads the Indians with 1,056 total offense through eight games. Quarterback Da'Ssaun Sauls has rushed for nearly 500 yards and led the Seamount League in passing with 51.4% completion throwing over 1100 yards for 6 touchdowns. Look out for Bryon Siu and Ray Casto, the two most overlooked players on the team who can run in traffic.

Kicker Uriel Gonzales has provided extra points for the Indians making 5 of 5 field goals with his longest 46 earlier in the year. Gonzales has also punted over 1,000 yards this season with an average of 35.3 yards per punt. On defense, Indians have Elijah Clayton, Isaiah Mahoney, Patrick Sanders, Kenny Green and Sauls.

"The players are excited to play and ready to continue their season. The motivating factor, is getting to play back at home. The kids are looking forward to erase our loss against Hazen, by showing up and playing at a high level," said Ponds.

Patch Pick - The game could goe one of two ways: If Renton can hold on, Renton 26-24; if Renton gets discouraged, Bremerton 42-17.

ScoreCzar Pick - Bremerton 34-7

Renton's season

W - Olympic 13-0

L - Decatur 21-18

W - Foster 18-8

W - Lakeside 56-28

W - Highline 63-35

L - Lindbergh 38-24

L - Kennedy 42-6

W - Evergreen 30-6

L - Hazen 38-7 

Bremerton schedule

W - Foster 42-15

L - Wilson 21-14

W - Sequim 21-6

W - North Mason 58-31

W - North Kitsap 34-27

W - Port Angeles 63-7

W - Kingston 37-8

W - Olympic 46-7

W - Klahowya 56-13

MrMyke November 02, 2012 at 04:29 PM
I saw that 46-yarder from Gonzalez. Powerful kicker. Anybody know if that is a school record? Has to be close, at least. Good luck Indians! Nice article, Dave Nelson, and love the Scoreczar reference. That site is terrific...any high school football fan should check it out.
Eric-kim Clayton November 02, 2012 at 04:56 PM
Bremerton is a good team. Renton is a better team. The reason Renton loses so much is because the players in the leadership roles don't keep their fires burning bright. I am calling you out Juniors and Seniors. Too many times I have seen you with your shoulders slumped and your heads hanging down. Don't you know that the Sophomores and Freshman are watching you! When times are hard you should be like a shining beacon of hope not a pitiful pillar of despair. If you lead then they will follow you to victory and on to the Tacoma Dome. Football is all about fear. Within a few plays in the first quarter of each game the game is won. Either you sell your opponent on fearing you or they sell you on fearing them. If you buy from them you lose the game. Let me be clear...If you...buy..from..them..you lose the game!!!! Predators eat their prey. Do you want to be a predator or do you want to be the prey? if you answered prey ...you have no business being on the Renton Football team and please turn in your equipment before 7:00 pm tonight.
A Team Parent November 02, 2012 at 05:34 PM
A parents - Keys to the game 1. Bring energy for an entire game and HAVE FUN 2. Win the turnover battle or better yet don't turn the ball over 3. Don't play with fear on defense and bring the HEAT 4. On offense, anticipate your throws, instead of waiting for receivers to come free; in single coverage, they're all open! Drop back and let it fly! 5. Keep your key players fresh and trust your bench 6, Don't be hesitant in fear of what your coaches might say, and play your game 7. Max out and play hard EVERY play, if you make a mistake, make it at 100% Together - Everyone - Achieves - More (TEAM) Good luck, and represent your hood!
Dave Nelson November 02, 2012 at 05:39 PM
You are all right! Renton needs to bring it tonight and leave it on the field. Last weeks team is not the team I have seen all season. This is a good group of players and have enjoyed talking to them. Am sad I won't make it to the game tonight and look forward to the Indians playing a home playoff game next week!
Dave Nelson November 02, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Record books. That will be something I will have to work on with the coach in the offseason in hopes nothing has been lost.
MrMyke November 02, 2012 at 05:52 PM
If the record books don't survive, I have posted a photo that proves Luis Gonzalez kicked from 46. And the kick definitely was good. Had a little room to spare...but not much. Great kick in high school and for any level really.
A renton fan November 02, 2012 at 07:29 PM
i want the players to see this... I have talked to the renton coaches and they are constantly preaching effort and desire. The coaches are doing a great job and putting people in the right place. Renton just cant tackle! I hear a bunch of the fans and parents starting to raise eyebrows at the coaches... Look at the game, and how many times renton players miss tackles for big touchdowns... Im on your side coaches. Players must have want to and execute!!!! go get em tonight Renton!!!!!
A renton fan November 02, 2012 at 07:30 PM
i want the players to see this... I have talked to the renton coaches and they are constantly preaching effort and desire. The coaches are doing a great job and putting people in the right place. Renton just cant tackle! I hear a bunch of the fans and parents starting to raise eyebrows at the coaches... Look at the game, and how many times renton players miss tackles for big touchdowns... Im on your side coaches. Players must have want to and execute!!!! go get em tonight Renton!!!!!
Eric-kim Clayton November 02, 2012 at 08:04 PM
i sent a copy of this to Coach Ponds earlier..
Eric-kim Clayton November 03, 2012 at 04:04 PM
First of all, I would like to congratulate the Renton Indian players and coaching staff for taking us to yet another district playoffs. Renton Seniors, good luck playing at the next leve, college. As parents we are proud of your acheivements., However, let's not lose sight of the goal, a 2A State Championship. Nothing should get in the way of acheiving this goal. DREAM ADVOCACY- My son shared his dream with me and it was not my dream I had for him. I wanted my son to be the greatest tennis professional that ever lived, but it was not his dreamed so I scrapped it. His dream involved playing football on Sunday, Monday, and Thursdays. Problem: only 1300 people in any given year occupy the positions that he wishes to acquire. So first I decided to advocate learning in the classroom. I let him know that you have to always know more today than you knew the day before and the grades will take care of themselves. I do whatever I can to personally help him with homework or to get him help. I help him get better in football by sending him to camps and researching things that could help him get better. I watch him play, encourage him, engage him in conversation, and give my honest assessment of how he is doing. (cont.)
Eric-kim Clayton November 03, 2012 at 04:05 PM
(cont.) I advocate to his coaches. I am always either selling some scheme to coaches or the idea that my son should be one of their key players. Sometimes they tell me “no”, but I am like that spoiled kid who just keeps asking until he gets what he thinks is best for his kid and his team, but always in a positive way because I think the world of our coaches..the men give our athletes a lot of quality time..for free!! I am an advocate to the collegiate scouts. I am relentless about staying in contact with them to promote my son and the Renton Football program. Some of these scouts have helped Aaron Rogers achieve his goals so I need to be in their ear. My point, parents your athletes need you to advocate for them. To help make certain that their dreams have a chance to be attained. Even if they don't quite reach them, the journey, along the way will help make them valuable contributors to our Great American Society.


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