Talbot Hill Elementary Makes Scholastic Magazine's "25 Cool Schools"

Talbot's MicroSociety program earned the school a place in Scholastic Magazine's "25 Cool Schools."

Renton's Talbot Hill Elementary MircoSociety Program caught the attention of Scholastic Parent & Childmagazine editors, earning Talbot a place in the publication's cover story, “The Coolest Schools in America.”

"Voters register and vote for the Senate, House of Representatives, the vice president, and the president. The treasury oversees the banking system. Products and services are created and sold. The court determines when the law has been broken. This familiar scene isn’t on Main Street, USA. It’s in the halls of an elementary school," according to the article.

Schools were chosen for innovative programs that bring educators, community leaders, students and families together to take learning out of the classroom and make school more relevant and challenging.

Talbot Hill's MicroSociety includes student Board of Education members who meet with Renton School District Superintendent Mary Alice Heuschel each year to talk about the state of education. Now that's forward thinking.

Way to go, Talbot!


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