Talbot Elementary School Students Meet With Governor Jay Inslee

Inslee reportedly plans to use the Renton School District as a framework for his education platform.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee met with elected student leaders at Talbot Hill Elementary School on Monday. Inslee was holding true to a promise he made to the school in 2012 when he used Talbot Hill to kick off his campaign for governor, highlighting Talbot Hill’s recognition as one of the state’s most Innovative Schools and using Renton School District as a framework for his education platform. 

Gov. Inslee spoke to students about his plans as the newly-elected governor to improve education; provide good-paying jobs and clean energy; and improve health care. The students in attendance were also recently elected; the school is a MicroSociety school where children create a microcosm of the real world including starting and managing businesses, and creating a governance structure including electing a president, house and state representatives judges and other elected positions. 

Students asked Gov. Inslee about how the state could use natural gas and hybrid cars to cut emissions and reduce air pollution, how he might improve health care to provide more students and families with affordable health care, and what it’s like living in the governor’s mansion. Gov. Inslee encouraged the students to remain engaged in the political process, either by running for office or simply remaining engaged citizens. He also suggested as school leaders, they might create an assessment system—like that used in classrooms—to grade school lunches for nutritional value and taste. 

The meeting was planned by Inslee’s Chief of Staff, former Renton School District Superintendent Dr. Mary Alice Heuschel.

*Editor's Note: Information provided by the Renton School District.


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