Renton School District Offers Condolences To Sandy Hook Community

The Renton School District posted the following letter on the school district's web site in response to today's school shooting in Newtown, CT.

(Editor's note: The Renton School District posted the following letter on the school district's web site in response to today's 

On behalf of Renton School District, our hearts go out to the community of Newtown, Connecticut, and especially to the staff, students and families of Sandy Hook Elementary School. It’s difficult to comprehend the motivation for the horrific attack that took place this morning.

And while the specific circumstances of this event are still unfolding (and these incidences are extremely uncommon), we want to reassure our community that Renton schools have solid plans in place to ensure the safety of students while at school.
All schools in our district have emergency plans in place that include responding to a weapon being shot in school. Those plans include having teachers lock classroom doors and shelter students in place, and accounting for all students.
While not germane to today’s events, the school safety plans also include:

• crisis response;
• student removal procedures;
• intruder alert procedures;
• medical emergency response;
• evacuation procedures;
• bomb scares; and
• fire drills.

Additionally, we have school and district security offices and a close working relationship with local law enforcement to assist in keeping students safe at school.


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