Renton School Board To Vote On Proposed Middle School Boundary Changes, Feb. 6

Boundary adjustments mean changes to school assignments for more than 1,100 middle schoolers in 2016.

Renton School Board members will consider new preliminary middle school boundary lines at their regular Feb. 6 meeting. The proposed boundaries, created by a committee of parents and district staff, would become effective in the fall of 2016 coinciding with the opening of a new middle school in the north end of the district. 

With the proposed middle school boundary changes in 2016, more than 1,100 middle school students will change schools. More than 751 students will move from their currently-assigned McKnight Middle School into the new middle school. An additional 413 students will also move to a different middle school that will most likely be located closer to their homes.

The boundary-review committee recently finalized their work to create the proposed middle school boundaries after . Input gathered at the forum and from parents serving on the committee was recently used to change the initial proposal, leaving some areas unaltered by boundary changes.

The committee’s proposal to the School Board will also recommend that a similar committee review the preliminary boundaries, and current numbers of students within each boundary, closer to the date when the changes would go into effect in 2016. That committee could, at that time, propose alterations to the preliminary boundaries if necessary.

The proposed changes are for middle school boundary lines only. There are no changes to high school boundary lines.

The proposed boundaries would mean changes for all of the district’s middle schools. The boundaries work to populate the new school, while also reducing the number of students and creating more uniformity in the numbers of students attending each middle school.

*Editor's Note: Information provided by the Renton School District.

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