Working Washington Supporters Gather Signatures In Support Of "More Jobs, No Cuts"

Working Washington's petition calls for a fair budget.

Working Washington supporters are collecting signatures — online and in person — in an effort to send a message to Congress.

“Tell the greedy CEOs that we will not balance the budget on the backs of the poor, elderly, disabled or working folks,” according to the online petition.

About a dozen people gathered at The Landing in Renton last Thursday to gather signatures on a petition aimed at getting the attention of Congress and high-powered CEOs.

The demonstration in Renton was just one of three events last week where Working Washington supporters waved signs and chanted “No More Cuts” in an effort to share their opinion of the fiscal cliff with hundreds of holiday shoppers. Supporters gathered petition signatures urging Congress to oppose cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.

“The response from shoppers was overwhelmingly positive and numerous petition signatures were gathered,” said event organizer Sage Wilson.

"We voted for no more cuts," explained Working Washington supporter Bob Barnes. "Now the CEOs of Verizon, Chase Bank, and other corporations are telling their friends in Congress to keep giving tax breaks to the rich, while cutting services the rest of us need. We don't want Congress to play the Grinch this season." 

Barnes said he’s asking for more jobs, not more cuts.

Protestors says they chose to stand outside the Verizon Stores because the CEO of Verizon recently joined 79 other top corporate executives who signed on to a letter calling on Congress to cut spending on healthcare and retirement security, and cut the tax rates the rich are supposed to pay.

“The cuts these CEOs are proposing would have grave human and economic impact — a 5% cut to Medicaid, for example, would reduce access to healthcare, level a $500 million blow to the state economy, and cost more than 4,000 jobs in Washington alone,” Wilson said.

Each petition signature gathered in Renton and across the region will result in the delivery of a lump of coal to offending corporate CEOs that Working Washington supporters say “are trying to grinch away our benefits.”

Wilson estimated that Working Washington reached hundreds of people with their recent petition signing rallies in Renton, Bellevue and Seattle.

"There's definitely lots of people out there ready and willing to hold politicians accountable if they side with CEOs over budget cuts instead of taking side with us."


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