U.S. Department Of Education Awards RTC With $2M Grant

The money will support the college's Student Success and Entry Pathway Program over a five-year period.

Renton Technical College recently recieved a substatial financial boost from the U.S. Department of Education.

The college announced Tuesday that it has received a $2 million Title III grant from the Department in support of its "Student Success and Entry Pathway" program.

Over the five-year grant period, the Student Success and Entry Pathway program will help the College improve new student engagement and successby redesigning student services. There are three main components to the grant supported project:

  • Implementing a Comprehensive Developmental Advising systemthat supports intentional student career and academic planning andimplements an early warning systems for intervention when students arestruggling academically.
  • Simplifying registration and advising and making thefinancial aid process easier to understand and access.
  • Establishing clear, consistent assessment and placementprotocols that include a precollege quarter for those who need collegesuccess, computer literacy, reading, writing or math support to create structures that get more students off to a strong start.

Redesigning services so that students receive timely front-end services (e.g., orientation, advising, financial aid rules, financial literacy, career assessment etc.) will reduce the need for later intervention.Developing online and in person classes for successful personalresponsibility; financial literacy; degree, career and life planning;college success; and a system of interventions for struggling studentswill create flexible, just-in-time access to crucial information andneeded support for students.

"RTC is very appreciative of the financial support this grant willprovide. The grant will fund the strategic development of a StudentSuccess pathway designed to help students navigate the enrollment,engagement and completion initiatives at RTC," said Dr. Dave Pelkey,Vice President of Student Services, one of the chief designers of the proposal.

Renton Technical College currently has the highest completion rate ofany two-year college in Washington State. This Title III grant willstrengthen the college's ability to help more first year studentsachieve their academic and career goals. RTC is the only college inWashington State to receive this highly competitive grant during thefirst round of funding.

*Editor's Note: Information provided by Renton Technical College.


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