Politicians Must Remove Signs Or Face Fines

Politicians and initiative supporters must remove their signs within 14 days of the November General Election, or face a fine from the City of Renton.

Now that voters have cast their ballots for the General Election, politicians must remove their signs by Nov. 22, or face a fine from the City of Renton.

This summer the City Council passed an ordinance that established new penalties for those who do not remove political signs from the public right-of-way within two weeks of an election.

Under the new city law, all candidates, candidates’ representatives and proposition sponsors who do not remove their political signs from public property in the city within 14 days of the General Election will face a monetary fine of $100 per sign, up to a total of $10,000, and loss of the sign.

The new regulations also states that political signs under 32 square feet will no longer require a city sign permit. The entire ordinance is available at rentonwa.gov, or call 425-430-6510 for more information.


*Editor’s Note: Information for this report was provided by the City of Renton.


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