LA Fitness Heart Attack Victim, City Thank CPR Heroes

An unnamed father of two suffered a heart attack at Renton L.A. Fitness on March 30 and was revived in part by two fellow members and an L.A. Fitness employee.

Quick-thinking resident Micah Hackett was recognized and commended at a Monday, April 8 Renton City Council meeting for his heroic role in saving a fellow citizen's life in a local gym.

Renton­ Fire & Emergency Services Department Chief Mark Peterson said Hackett was working out at L.A. Fitness on March 30 at the Landing when he noticed a commotion nearby in the raquetball court.

Eyewitnesses said a local father of two who regularly played there every weekend had collapsed and lost consiousness. It was later determined that the man had gone into cardiac arrest.

Noticing the man was in distress, an unnamed friend, Hackett, and L.A. Fitness Sales Counselor Ben Oclaray, all sprang into action.

Oclaray said he called 911 at around 3:13 p.m. and directed the other men to perform CPR in an attempt to revive him. With the man's breathing still irregular, Hackett grabbed a public-access defibrillator and applìed two deŕibrillating shocks and CPR to keep the man's heart viable, according to Peterson.

"Micah responded admirably and without a second thought to helping out a complete stranger, said Renton Firefighter Steve Winter. "His actions resulted in saving the life of a young father and husband."

Renton Firefighter/EMTs arrived within three minutes to stabilize him and King County Medics transported him Valley Medical Center. After three days of care, the man Hackett saved returned to his home.

According to Renton Fire spokesperson Erik Wallgren, every minute that passes without oxygenation of the blood increases the chance of brain death. That usually happens within 6 minutes.

Renton Fire, American Heart Assocation and Renton Technical College offer CPR classes at various times throughout the year, and King County relies on citizens ready to administer the life-saving technique as part of its Medic One system.

"King County has one of the highest recussitation rates in the world," Wallgren said.

"Thank you for the personal sacrifices you have made and your service to our country," Peterson said. "It's humbling to see that you continue to serve others as a civilian."

The unnamed heart attack victim later returned to L.A. Fitness on April 9 to shake Oclaray's hand and thank him for his lifesaving role.

"I have to give credit to him," Oclaray said. "And to all the other members that hung in there. No one panicked and it worked like clockwork ... He really hung in there."


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