Fire District 40 Benefit Charge Measure Easily Passing

Voters in Fairwood and Lake Desire are supporting a fire benefit charge measure in King County Fire District 40 for another six-years.

Voters in Fire District 40 are offering overwhelming support to a local fire benefit funding measure, according to King County Elections returns.

Elections night results show voters are supporting a Fire Benefit Charge, which enables the district to fund services partly-based on a formula of need and cost, by 87-13 from 3,073 ballots cast.

Fire District 40's coverage area focuses mainly on the Fairwood and Lake Desire area. The district is supported by Fire Station 13 in Renton and Fire Station 17 in Fairwood, which is due to re-open this month.

The fire benefit charge was first authorized by Fire District 40 in 1990. Supporters say the charge allows for a "fairer" funding of the district, rather than relying exclusively on property values. Instead, a mix of property values and the value of fire benefits are applied to property taxes. Supporters say this mix of formulas lowers fire insurance costs which are passed on to the home owner. Other benefits include charging the cost of specialized equipment and training required by some properties to those properties.

Funds raised by the charge support staffing levels for a 24-hour Aid Car, a fire engine and modern apparatus to respond to emergencies. The fire district can keep its facilities safe, updated and maintained to provide essential services, according to supporters of the ballot measure, who also claim that the FBC allows the fire district to be less dependent on property taxes while maintaining stable service levels for its citizens.

King County Fire Protection District No. 40 Proposition No. 1 Benefit Charge

Yes 2672 87.06% No 397 12.94%


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