Eight-Cent Gas Tax Hike Proposed By King County Executive

Dow Constantine and the Sound Cities Association, which includes Renton, are asking the state legislature to help "solve our statewide transportation crisis."

King County Executive Dow Constantine has joined other local officials in asking the Washington state legislature to raise gas taxes to help pay for upgrades to the state's transportation infrastructure and provide additional transit funding in the county.

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In a Dec. 14 letter posted on the news website PubliCola, Constantine, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Renton Mayor Denis Law, representing the Sound Cities Association, propose an 8-cent increase to the gas tax as well as the ability for counties and cities to raise their car-tab fees by $40. Law serves as board president of the Sound Cities Association.

The letter, addressed to Gov. Chris Gregoire, cites a "statewide transportation crisis" and asks for additional revenue to "preserve and maintain our portion of the State’s transportation system and address the growing demand for transit services."

Click here to read the entire document.

Matthew Miner December 27, 2012 at 03:46 PM
Perhaps they could raise taxes on those of us making over $250K a year and avoid hurting folks that are already hurting. These product taxes disproportionately effect the middle class.
Richard Bray December 27, 2012 at 04:09 PM
I would like Patch to do some research on how our gas taxes compare to other areas nationwide.John Talon of the Seattle Times recently pointed out the U-6 unemployment rate in our state in one of the worst nationwide http://seattletimes.com/html/soundeconomywithjontalton/2019938310_the_trouble_with_washingtons_u.html. Government has got to learn to live within its means--those Middle Income and below are really hurting!
Richard Harrigill December 27, 2012 at 05:11 PM
I'll support higher gas taxes when they stop piddling our existing money away on non-effective but politically correct transportation non-solutions (i.e. Light rail, street cars, bike lanes, HOT/HOV lanes, removing car lanes/capacity for rail, tolling by mail, etc, etc,). Renton residents should be especially peeved since transit is horrible if your destination isn't Seattle, and even the new construction such as the Garden/Park/Logan intersections at the Landing are now worth avoiding.
Stuart Avery December 27, 2012 at 06:30 PM
It's especially disheartening when you also consider that outgoing Governor Gregoire has proposed a tax hike at the refinery level, which will also be passed to consumers. Further, Sound Transit is attempting to cut-back bus routes serving Renton claiming that ridership levels necessitate it. The city council commented to a Sound Transit representative when the cutbacks were proposed, that Renton tax payers would find their money better spent if we hired a taxi or limousine for every rider that uses Sound Transits bus services out of Renton. I feel like we are pouring tax dollars into a leaking cup, and the solution every policy maker reverts to is to turn up the flow rather than patch the leaks.
Carl L. Hightower December 30, 2012 at 01:21 AM
I think Government on the Local and Fedreal level has lost insight. We the people cannot continue to deal with all the incompetence in Government. How do pay for these increases when we are making minimum wage or are on fixed income. We are receiving, I believe, 1.7% increase, while members of City Council and Federal are receving, who knows what in salary and stipens. We need to pass some of these costs along to the bicyclists who clog the roadways. We also need to look at salary cuts for those in Congress and City and County, who refuse to do their jobs. We can no longer carry people who do not pay into the system. I for one am thinking about moving overseas to get away from this Government. I think more retirerees need to look at this option! How are we suppose to eat and pay our bills, we we keep incuring hikes, but no raises? Carl L. Hightower


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