Council Hears Two Hours of Comment on Sammamish Ace Hardware

After bringing his efforts to secure a development agreement to the public via Patch, the Sammamish City Council entertained a standing-room-only crowd that showed up to support the local hardware store.

There's one truth we can hold self-evident--Sammamish wants to keep Ace Hardware in town.

After store owner Tim Koch issued a plea for the public to come to the Dec. 4 Sammamish City Council meeting to voice support for his project proposal, residents came out in droves, Koch said, giving two hours of public comment to the city council, three minutes at a time.

Of the turnout, Koch said, "There was standing room only and the council spent over two hours listening to our customers and supporters! It was amazing!"

Koch is looking for help from the council to fast track a proposal to do a land swap with a private property owner, who is ready to create replacement storm ponds for the City and to build a new facility for Ace Hardware on 228th Avenue NE just south of NE 4th Street, similar in size to its current 11,000-square-foot space.

The Council has not yet had his development proposal in front of it yet, and Koch asked customers and supporters of the long-time local business to attend the meeting and encourage the council to direct city staff to get the proposal before councilmembers for consideration soon.

Following the public comment period, Koch said, the council agreed to review the proposal next week.

Dr. John Galvin December 06, 2012 at 12:03 AM
Citizens need to ask why Ace Hardware is reduced to a last minute "Holy Mary" long shot proposal when in March - April of this year Ace already secured land in the Town Center's SE Quadrant for a new building with construction starting in August. Other local businesses would follow and after ten years of planning the Town Center would begin to appear. What happened? After a cry from citizens in December 2011, City Council members and staff said they would do whatever necessary to make the project happen, then when public interest subsided, they did nothing. Tim Koch found out that the Town Center is a black hole that absorbs all intelligent life. Even though the Ace Hardware project had the full cooperation of surrounding landowners, and an area plan was developing, the City slammed the door shut by evoking all the demands, deal breaking restrictions, senseless design standards, and economically exploitive exactions of the Town Center plan and regulations. Ace Hardware's inability to move forward with a project in the Town Center is more proof that the City Council doesn't care and feels no obligation to fix the Town Center mess. Well, at last night's meeting citizens put a little fear in the City Council. Now they are ready to re-zone land outside the Town Center to accommodate Ace Hardware. Town Center is zoned for 600,000 s.f. of commercial space, however not one square foot is available for Sammamish businesses. Make sense to you?
Valerie Spiegler December 07, 2012 at 03:11 PM
Valerie Spiegler The City administration and City Council know very well that their doubts about the viability and soundness of the Ace Hardware proposal are bogus. If the City refuses to endorse Ace's plan, it will be no surprise. For some unfathomable reason, "just say no" is the platform for Sammamish City politics as it has been for the past 12+ years. The City prevented Tim Koch from going forward with his plan to build in the SE quadrant. Instead of approving this alternate location, they will likely refuse him, simply to show it is his plans and not their mystery motives that prevent him from opening a new store. If we could divine what the real motives of the City's "leaders" are; why they refuse to alter a failed town center plan; why they refuse to re-classify wetlands that have been shown by recognized experts to be mis-classified; why they refuse to admit to the damage they are causing in the lives of dozens of families and property owners, we would be in the driver's seat to oppose them through whatever channels needed.


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