City Of Renton Replaces South Third Street Trees

Roots of the mature red maple trees were buckling the sidewalk. They will be replaced with 24 sugar maple trees. Work will start near Rainier Avenue South and move toward Burnett Avenue South.

The City of Renton will be replacing 24 red maple street trees along South 3rd Street between Rainier Avenue South and Burnett Avenue South beginning in early September. The 40-year-old trees have displaced sidewalks and curbs, and new sidewalks and curbs will be installed.

Twenty-three new “Steeple” trees, a variety of sugar maple, will be planted as replacements.  The new trees will be planted in larger sidewalk cut-outs to avoid future sidewalk and curb problems.  The trees will grow to a medium size when mature and will be planted in spaces that reduce conflicts with business signs, parking stalls, street lights and overhanging store canopies.

In addition, 10 street trees will be planted along side streets to replace “Crimson Sentry” Norway maples that have recently died from a leaf disease. One tree will also be planted at the Piazza Park in downtown Renton.  Additional plantings include six trees on Shattuck Avenue South, two trees on Whitworth Avenue South and two trees on Morris Avenue South.

The downtown area is within the City Center Planning Area and was identified in the 2011 Urban Tree Canopy Assessment as having the least canopy cover of the nine planning areas. Sixty-seven street trees were planted in the North Renton neighborhood as part of the city’s annual Arbor Day celebration in April. That project together with the 3rd Street Project will result in 100 street trees being planted during 2012 to contribute to the goal of attaining a 40% canopy cover for the city center.

For more information, please contact Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Manager, Terry Flatley at 425-430-6600 or by email at tflatley@rentonwa.gov.

*Editor's Note: Information provided by the City of Renton.

Megan September 07, 2012 at 05:04 PM
I can't imagine how it will look during the in-between stage (Rainier is looking so naked without its trees!).
Bill September 09, 2012 at 03:54 PM
It looks odd after seeing the Maples for so many years. I own a business on Third and this will be the first year I won't have to sweep leaves out of our driveway, or worry about someone tripping where the roots have pushed the sidewalks up.
Phyllis Forister September 09, 2012 at 05:50 PM
Those pesky leaves from those pesky trees! I have walked along 3rd Street and didn't see all that much damage to sidewalks caused by these mature trees. The Maple Trees that show the most damage, to the trees, are the ones that are along the sidewalks across from the High School. They would be fine if they were pruned. Renton City government needs to look at mature trees as a treasure and not something to be ripped out the moment they become mature and beautiful to the landscape and to people who enjoy them. Sidewalks and curbs can be repaired around them....where and when necessary. Hopefully the City won't have a sudden desire to remove the huge, mature trees that are in the middle of the street in front of the Renton High School or those along the Cedar River. Renton needs to hire a botanist that knows how to nurture trees and a road/sidewalk repair department that knows how to fix instead of rip and tear stuff out. The way Renton is doing tree removal and sidewalk/curb replacement is more expensive than fixing only the affected areas.


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