Updated: Bergquist Headed to General Election for House District 11 Seat

Republican Sarah Sanoy-Wright maintained her second-place position in the race that had all five candidates raising more than $425,000. Meanwhile, the Cedar River library location still had 76 percent support of voters.

teacher Steve Bergquist is headed to the general election for House District 11, Position 2.

Bergquist, a Democrat, received 28 percent of the vote.

Republican Sarah Sanoy-Wright maintained her second-place position, with 24.5 percent of the vote, according to updated primary election results released Wednesday by King County Elections.

Just 1.5 percentage points, or 208 votes, behind her was Democrat Stephanie Bowman, with nearly 23 percent. (Their ranking didn't change from Tuesday's first batch of results.)

Sanoy-Wright, a small-business owner, said in an email Wednesday to Patch, "I am pleased with the results and congratulate all candidates in District 11 to a very close race. We have lots of work in the coming months."

Bergquist and Sanoy-Wright emerged from a crowded field of five candidates vying for the seat vacated by Rep. Bob Hasegawa, who is running for state Senate.

Bergquist said Wednesday he was very happy with the results and thanked his volunteer campaign team.

“It’s such a community-based, grass-roots effort, and we overcame a mountain of money,” he said, referring to the $300,000 spent in the campaign by all candidates.

Bergquist’s campaign spent $40,474, according to the state Public Disclosure Commission, while Sanoy-Wright spent a mere $1,728. Renton dentist Bobby Virk spent the most, pouring in about $200,000.

Bergquist, a 12th-grade contemporary world issues teacher and tennis coach, said he would focus on education, jobs and health care. “They’re all going to be important,” he said.

Here are the District 11 results released Wednesday by King County Elections:

House District 11, Pos. 2

Candidate Vote Total Vote % Steve Bergquist 3,772
Sarah Sanoy-Wright 3,275
Stephanie Bowman 3,067
Bobby Virk
Rob Holland
13,343 100

The top two finishers advance to the general election. King County will release new election results at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Also Wednesday, the support for the Cedar River library held steady with 76 percent in favor. (Patch will have a separate story on that later Wednesday.)

Here are updated results Wednesday from other Renton races. Both candidates in each race advance to the general election.

Senate 11 Vote Total Vote % Bob Hasegawa 9,182 67.98
Kristin Thompson 4,304
House 11, Pos. 1

Zack Hudgins 7,819
Jim Flynn 3,370
House 33, Pos. 1

Tina Orwall 9,602
Will Benge 3,796
House 37, Pos. 2

Eric Pettigrew 12,480
Tamra Smilanich 2,103
Senate 41

Steve Litzow 11,939
Maureen Judge 8,775
House 41, Pos. 1

Marcie Maxwell 11,732
Tim Eaves 8,875
ErinA August 09, 2012 at 01:42 AM
I am so glad it is going to be Bergquist and most likely Sanoy-Wright. I personally felt that all of the other candidates were trying to use the seat to put on their resume`s to seek another, higher office. Both of these candidates, I believe, would represent the 11th LD and the greater Renton community well, so I truly hope this trend will continue!
Carrie Bergquist August 09, 2012 at 06:08 AM
So proud of Steve and his grassroots campaign - "Go Team Bergquist"
Linda Sahlberg Gagnier August 09, 2012 at 06:32 AM
Yesterday I was expecting a girlfriend to come to my house & ring the doorbell. I am 65 years old, had my bathing suit on, thinking we two would go rafting on the Cedar River. Answering the bell, I ran to the door, swung it open went "TA DA!" with my arms spread out wide to show me off in all my glory! OMG! It was not my friend. It was a MAN! I was so embarrassed. But he was so nice. He laughed with me. He introduced himself as Steve Bergquist. To make matters worse or better, he knew who I was. He told me he had Catherine for a student at Lindberg. So funny! After thanking him for that lovely encounter, I closed the door and immediately got out my ballot, filled in the dot next to his name, signed it off and put it in the mail box. So, Mr. Bergquist, you earned my vote yesterday! :O)
Carrie Bergquist August 09, 2012 at 07:36 AM
Oh my, what a great story! Such a small world - I have met the Gagnier children - while working at FSBank. Thanks again for sharing - and voting for Steve!


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