Hot Ashes Cause Early Morning Renton Home Fire

All five residents escaped without serious injury.

Renton Fire and Emergency Services responded to an early Saturday morning house fire in the 18200 block of 118th SE caused by hot ashes left near a mattress.

All five residents were able to escape the fire without serious injury. Two residents, who attempted to extinguish the fire, were transported to Valley Medial Center for smoke inhalation. Their injuries appear to be minor, according to officials.

“A tragedy was narrowly avoided because occupants attempted to extinguish the fire,” wrote Captain Rick Marshall in an email to Patch.

The fire occurred after one of the residents removed hot ashes from a wood-burning stove, then placed them near a mattress, which eventually caught fire.

“Discarded ashes can contain embers for several days after the fire in a wood stove of fireplace appears out. Ashes should be placed in a metal container, removed immediately from the residence, and placed in an area away from combustibles. They should never be placed in a garbage can or left near or on combustible surfaces such as a wooden deck or wood siding on a home,” Marshall wrote.

Renton Fire and Emergency Services gives these tips to avoid a fire, or serious injury in case of an emergency:

  • Keep all combustible material away from winter heat sources such as fireplaces, wood stoves, baseboard and electric heaters ()
  • Call 9-1-1, and exit the home immediately in the case of a fire
  • Have all occupants out of the house and accounted for when the fire department arrives.


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