Get Washington State Patrol Accident Updates In Your Inbox

Citizens may sign up for the Washington State Patrol press memo listserv, according to the Washington State Patrol

You can now sign up, online, to receive Washington State Patrol news releases previously available only to news media.

The State Patrol has created a number of news release “lists,” by region, to which anyone may subscribe.

“This is an additional service for citizens who want to know more about what’s happening in their communities and what the State Patrol is doing to enhance safety and security throughout Washington State,” said Captain Rob Huss, commander of the Patrol’s Office of Government and Media Relation.

There are two kinds of State Patrol news releases;

  • A WSP Media Release is a traditional press release, on letterhead and with contact information, written to highlight an important event, program, or piece of information. These come from official agency spokespersons.
  • A WSP Press Memo is done in “fill in the blanks” style, and generated by the investigating officer at the conclusion of a collision investigation. It is sent from the nearest WSP dispatch office.

To sign up, just go to the WSP Web site and click the “Get Connected “icon. Once there, go to the Listserv Resource Page.  Choose by location for the types of Media Releases or Press Memos you would like to receive.  Enter your name and e-mail address, and you’re done.

The Listserv Resource Page also gives people the opportunity to unsubscribe from the service. You may subscribe to as few or as many lists as you’d like, and adjust your subscriptions at any time.

*Edito's Note: The following information is provided by the . For more information about the Washington State Patrol visit http://www.wsp.wa.gov.


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