Former Sonic Faces Eviction From His Former Sammamish Home

Robert Swift, signed in 2004 after he graduated from a California high school, reportedly refuses to leave the home he lost in court, KOMO 4 News reports.

Former Seattle Supersonic first-round pick Robert Swift reportedly won't leave the upscale Sammamish home he lost to foreclosure, KOMO 4 News reported.

According to the news report, the person who purchased Swift's former home for approximately half of its original $1 million price tag said Swift simply won't depart.

""...it seems like a very sad story and I definitely feel for him," said the new owner, who told KOMO she wanted to protect her identity.

A video posted on the KOMO website showed seemingly abandoned cars and empty beer cans littered on the property. A woman who answered the door said Swift was inside and asleep, KOMO reported.

Swift, according to the website Deadspin, made more than $20 million during his five-year NBA career. He also played briefly in Japan.

The owner said she will force an eviction if necessary.


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