Support The Arts: Help Renton Civic Theatre "Burn the Mortgage"

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To Renton Civic Theatre's Subscribers, Donors, and Friends:

We, the Board of Directors and Staff, would like to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding support over the last 24 years. As season subscribers, donors and volunteers, you continue to ensure that a community with a strong emphasis on the arts will be a healthy community, one that is constantly moving forward and sharing stories that build bridges between generations.

The 25th anniversary season has been wonderfully attended, with larger houses than we have seen in a while! This is because of you — our supporters — getting the word out about the wonderful work we have been producing here at Renton Civic Theatre. Unfortunately, this year's season ticket sales were not as good as in years past, and because of this we are currently in a financial struggle, with the rising cost of utilities, royalties, and material (as are so many non-profit arts organizations). We are currently working hard to get grants and donations from local companies in the area, but we need your help as well.

Renton Civic Theatre strives to be one of the best theatres in the area. Currently, we have adult acting classes being taught by our own Aunt Dottie (Michele Greenwood Bettinger), as well as the Summer Teen Musical program, which we are planning in the near future to make a year round educational program for area teens. These educational activities are major goals for us in addition to continuing to produce our regular season. We want to be able to give back to the community with activities for everyone!

As most of you will remember we were working on our Burn the Mortgage campaign. Two years ago RCT received the first of what was to be three $50,000 grants. When the state cut back on arts funding this past year we lost the other two grant installments. We are still striving to get the mortgage paid off since once that happens all of our above plans will get an even bigger boost. We would be able to make the grocery store next door a rehearsal and storage space as well as a dessert and coffee shop that would be open to the community. We also are working on showing movies, restoring our building to its original purpose of movies combined with live performances. Thanks to a very generous season ticket holder who donated the projector, we plan to have our first movie fundraisers showing January 4, 2013. The first movie will be announced soon.

As you can see we are really trying to make this a successful program for all ages. Since we are a 501c(3) non–profit organization, all donations that you make to us are tax deductible. We realize that it might not be in your budget to make a one–time $500 donation. However, if you are able we would love a $10 to $15 dollar a month recurring donation. If all of our season ticket holders did this for just one year we could pay for one year's worth of Mortgage and Utilities, and all of ticket sales money could go towards the long term goals of the theatre. If that is not within your budget, even a one–time donation of your choice helps us reach our goals! Honestly every dollar helps. Please complete the enclosed form and return to us. You may also donate through our web site with this special link: http://rentoncivictheatre.org/support-rct/ this will take you directly to our donation page.

Thank you once again for your continued support.

Renton Civic Theatre Staff


*Editor's Note: "Annie" will play at Renton Civic Theatre from Dec. 7-22, 2012. Click here for show details. Have you written a review on Renton Civic Theatre's Patch listing? 


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