Letter To The Editor: Renton Memorial Stadium

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We went to the Saturday. Very impressed with all the new updates from the seating, press box, PA system, restrooms, locker rooms and the amazing lighting system welcoming the schools in their colors. We were entertained by Renton Cheer Squad and the Hazen Drill Team. The energetic Blue Thunder had everyone smiling and clapping. It would have been nice to see student body support from each school as a show of appreciation and thanks for the community support through our tax dollars that made this possible.        

I'm , especially when renovation has been completed on the visitors side, scheduled for after the first of the year.  Being a life time Renton resident, my only disappointment was the lack of interest from the community. Realizing the city is growing, I hold on to the hope that we can come together to support our High Schools at all functions that will be held at this wonderful stadium. A big thank you from the Class of 61' to Mr. Tally, from the school board, for making sure Clancy Williams plaque found a home back at the stadium. 

Cathy and Jim Matthew


Debbie Olson October 24, 2011 at 03:36 PM
I agree with your thoughts. My husband and I were there and our thought was that if a banner had been placed outside the building for a couple of weeks maybe more people would have know. I think communication was a bit limited. Debbie
No Name October 25, 2011 at 05:08 AM
Would have been nice if it was when the stadium actually opened in September not the weekend after the ballots dropped for the election of the school board.


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