Adopt-A-Kettle Through Renton's Salvation Army

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I have created a new opportunity for Renton and its community.  It is entitled Adopt-A-Kettle and allows individuals, churches, businesses and organizations the privilege to volunteer. 

It is that time of year once again and we are in need of volunteers and all are welcome, those returning, and those coming in as new.  We are planning and thinking about providing food and gifts  to children and adults in the Renton and our surrounding communities of South King County.  We know how busy this season of the year can become.  Before we know it, our lives are filled with shopping, family and friends and we are caught up in a whirlwind of activity. 

We are asking that you consider helping to make Christmas a time of joy, renewed hope and celebration for those who just might not enjoy the holidays at all.  Each year we make a concerted effort to purposefully consider the “least of those among us.”  We provide food baskets at Christmas as well as gifts for every child under the age of 13 years. 

Would you take a little time and read the enclosed flier? (Click on the PDF to read) Please consider how you might share your love and life with others in need this year. We are not asking for money (although we wouldn’t turn it down). We are asking for your time.  The investment of your time and energy will pay great dividends, that you will see firsthand. 

Could you ring a bell for a couple hours?  Would you be willing to "Adopt-A-Kettle" for one day or two and get your family, friends, co-workers, employees or neighbors involved?     

The joy of this wonderful season is multiplied when we are able to personally give of ourselves. We feel privileged to offer tangible opportunities to experience even more fully the gift you are in a world that needs your gift.  We hope you will be able to help.  I trust that you will realize how valued and significant you are. 

Let me be the first to express, on behalf of all the staff at The Salvation Army in Renton, our sincerest prayer for joy, health, peace and fulfillment for you and your family, during the busy days ahead.  I invite you to log onto our website at www.salvationarmyrenton.org to take a look at all of our volunteer opportunities. 

—Capt. Chris Aird, Renton Salvation Army

Amy November 26, 2012 at 07:08 AM
This holiday season I am supporting organizations that do not discriminate in any way against people based on sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other reason. I will NOT donate or support the Salvation Army, and will instead give to other charities, until the Salvation Army stops discriminating against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community in hiring, firing and promotion, and in the provision of benefits. http://americablog.com/2004/11/details-of-the-salvation-armys-rabidly-anti-gay-politics.html
julie hamilton November 30, 2012 at 05:32 AM
I feel I need to share with you that the statement above is totally false. I have been volunteering at the Salvation Army food bank for 16 years, my husband and I are on the Salvation Army advisary board and we attend Salvation Army Church. We do not ask questions of anyone when providing assistance...our Mission statement.."Meeting human needs without discrimination" this is the reason we are involved with the Salvation Army. Let your heart be your guide. God loves us all and he is the ultimate Judge not us, Bless your day, Julie


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