Are Carpool Lane Violators On Interstate 405 A Problem?

A Patch community member says that the Washington State Patrol should better monitor Interstate 405 for high-occupancy vehicle lane violators. Do you notice that it's an issue? Tell us in the comments.

Carpool lane violators on Interstate 405 are a problem, says one Patch community member.

And if you've traveled Renton's "S" curves at rush hour, you've either sat in traffic, or zipped through the HOV lane. But have you noticed cars with only a single driver in the carpool lane? ?

This Patch community member writes that the Washington State Patrol should better monitor Interstate 405 and State Route 520 for high-occupancy vehicle lane violators:

Every morning when taking the exit from 405 to Redmond to 520 there are numerous violators who drive in the carpool lane with only one person in the car, as they try to beat the traffic rush. If the WSP had a patrol car there to catch these violators the state would benenfit greatly from the additional source of income, which I think it could use to provide needed services. I will look forward to seeing the WSP on the job soon.

What do you think? Do you agree that HOV lane violations are a problem? 

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, the state's hotspots for HOV lane violations include: Interstate 405 in downtown Bellevue, Totem Lake SR and between State Route 167 and Interstate 90; and State Route 520 at 84th and 92nd Avenues NE.

In Washington, motorists can report violations themselves through the Washington State Department of Transportation's HERO program, either online through the or by calling at 1-877-764-HERO. The state send an educational brochure to first-time violators. Second-time HOV lane violators are sent a letter from WSDOT. Third-time HOV lane violators are sent a letter from the Washington State Patrol, according to the state's HERO page.

In 2010, Washington issued 7,570 tickets and 2,850 warnings to carpool lane violators statewide, according to the state.

Have you ever turned a carpool lane violator in? Do you ever find yourself in the HOV lane when you don't have another passenger in the car? Tell us why in the comments.

Richard Morris January 25, 2013 at 06:36 PM
I drive I405 everyday between Hwy 167 and I-520. Carpool lane violators have been increasing, especially between 167 and Park in the Renton S-curves. It seems more people are willing to take the chance. I surmise this is because the State Patrol has limited access to this area. Regardless of the reason, I am witness to seeing many cars that appear clearly to have only one occupant.
TheBalancedAthlete January 25, 2013 at 09:11 PM
Every week I watch the police pull over violators. Could there be more, sure. Is it worth it? I'd rather see a better division to not allow motorist to pull into the lane at will.
Michael Good January 26, 2013 at 01:43 AM
I wait in line for about 10-15 minutes every morning on the northbound onramp at the Landing (exit 5). I would say that about 3 out of 5 cars in the onramp carpool lane are riding solo. I always think about how much the state could make if the ramp were patrolled. Reporting is a joke though. Just like the article says the WSP doesn't send a letter until the license plate has been reported 3 times. And that's just a letter. No one is going to get a ticket unless they get pulled over. The only other option would be to set up a camera system. I wouldn't mind since I never cheat the HOV.


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