Citizens Group Promises Protest Over Library at Renton City Hall Tonight

Citizens to Save the Cedar River Library Again! pledge to rally tonight at Renton City Hall against new KCLS design plans for the Cedar River Library.

Renton citizens outraged by new designs for the Renton Library over the Cedar River are pledging to bring their concerns and are seeking allies in their opposition to the King County Library System (KCLS) at tonight's Renton City Council meeting at City Hall.

Around 20 individuals from Citizens to Save the Cedar River Library Again addressed KCLS trustees at a March 19 meeting and asked the board to review the process of how designs emerged that would substantially alter and reduce the size of the current library. Among the speakers, city councilwoman Marcie Palmer offered her support for preserving the library at the meeting and voicing skepticism that the new plans would garner support from the city.

"Please give us a proposal that we can consider," she said.

Some of the changes in KCLS’s design include reducing library space by over 30 percent and remove 4,000 square foot of space over the river — removing the library's riverspan entrance. Architects say the changes are necessary to reinforce the building to protect it in the event of an earthquake.

"Our community is outraged about the irresponsible KCLS design and their fast-track plan to ram this down our throats, especially when they didn’t incorporate anything our residents asked for," said Beth Asher of the Renton Citizens Group.

Approximately 76 percent of Renton voters last summer voted to preserve the library in its present location after petitioning the city to challenge a planned move for the building.

A library open house is also scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 26 at the Cedar River Libary where KCLS Director Bill Ptacek, Facilities Director Greg Smith and several board members are expected to present a revised design plan.


Richard Bray March 25, 2013 at 07:58 PM
Tell City officials & KCLS: Don't destroy our Icon Library. KCLS current design submitted to the City of Renton destroys major parts of our beloved Library. Come this evening and let you voice be heard!
Dave Beedon March 25, 2013 at 11:22 PM
Concerned citizens are objecting to the awful design plan KCLS formally submitted to the City of Renton on March 1. It is that design plan that KCLS will present at its Open House—or so I believe. I am unaware of any other plan. Yet the article ends with the statement that KCLS is expected “to present a revised design plan” at its Open House on March 26. This is the first time I’ve heard of a “revised design plan.” If this is a matter of incorrect wording, I am not too concerned. But if, at the Open House, KCLS presents yet another plan---one that differs from the “March 1 schematic design”---I will take that not as an attempt to address citizen concerns, but another "bait and switch" action similar to the one it foisted on the City Council at the Council’s February 2013 retreat. Based on KCLS's behavior, I do not trust it to act in the interest of Renton’s residents. I voted to annex to the King County Library System but now realize that doing so was a big mistake. I will attend today’s City Council meeting to once again ask the City to reject KCLS’s March 1 design for the Cedar River Library. The City must formally accept or reject that design by March 28.
Jeannie Greene-Crook March 27, 2013 at 05:34 AM
Thank you CRL Supporters & The Patch for keeping us informed. I am so pleased my daughter, Dana Rochex and my granddaughters Helen, Eva & Kate are voicing their opinions & letting KCLS & the Renton City Council know how they want our iconic & jewel of a library protected & preserved with the entrance on the bridge deck & the connection from the city to the park. Has anyone stopped to think how Renton River Days & the Rubber Ducky flotilla will play out if KCLS's rediculess demolition plans go forward? I was also in favor of KCLS, but find myself saying if they won't listen to the people who pay their wages, we don't need them. We can vote to De-Annex. Larry & I have been Palm Springs & AZ & have been spreading the news. Will be returning soon along with other family, friends & snowbirds. Keep voicing your opinion and keep us in the loop. Thank you all for your hard work. You'll make the difference.


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