Renton Technical College Offers Free 'Don't Drip & Drive' Oil Leak Inspections

As part of Puget Sound Starts Here’s “Don’t Drip and Drive” program, some King County and Western Washington mechanics are offering free inspections to help prevent car leaks from polluting local water resources.

Motorists in Renton and King County can take advantage of free inspections and discounted service in April to identify and fix leaks as part of Puget Sound Starts Here’s “Don’t Drip and Drive” program.

Every year, hundreds of tons of oil and other petroleum-related products make their way to lakes, rivers, streams and the Puget Sound. Most of this toxic pollution comes from small drips from cars and trucks. 

The “Don’t Drip and Drive” campaign was designed to build awareness and educate people throughout the Puget Sound region that it is important to check for vehicle leaks regularly to keep their car on the road and protect local waters. Studies show that 67 percent of drivers who find a leak will fix it.

"Vehicle leaks can cause problems for drivers and the environment," said Harold Smelt, Pierce County Public Works and Utilities surface water manager. "Fixing the problem can help drivers keep their cars on the road, while keeping pollutants such as oil from traveling into our local waterways and Puget Sound."

Renton Technical College is one of several education instiutions to offer free auto leaks workshops by a certified automotive instructor. The workshops to educate motorists on oil leaks is held at fully equipped auto-repair training centers, but only a limited number of spaces are available for the classes (sign up here).

And mechanics in shops across King County and Western Washington are also participating in the program. During the month of April, drivers can take their vehicle to a participating mechanic for a free and easy visual inspection (a diagnostic service valued at up to $80). The free inspection is especially recommended for vehicles that are 2005 models or earlier.

If there is a problem, the driver will receive a coupon for 10 percent off service to fix the problem, a total savings of up to $130. The coupon will expire at the end of June. All participating mechanics are members of the Automotive Service Association (ASA) to ensure they meet ASA’s standards of quality.

Participating nearby ASA mechanics:

Maple Valley:


For a complete list of participating locations and more information, visit www.fixcarleaks.org.

For more information about the program and other regional efforts to clean-up stormwater runoff before it reaches local waters and Puget Sound, visit the Puget Sound Starts Here website


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