Boeing Rejects SPEEA's 'Final Offer,' Proposes its Own 'Best and Final Offer'

Both the Professional and Technical Negotiation Teams unanimously recommend rejection of Boeing's proposal.

Shortly before 6 p.m. The Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) tweeted: "@Boeing rejects @speea offer, escalating conflict speea.org."

SPEEA presented its proposal on Wednesday in hopes of putting contract negotiations to rest, so "we can all roll up our sleeves and work the issues facing the 787 and Boeing," said Sandy Hastings, SPEEA Technical Team member.

Boeing also extended its "Best and Final Contract" offer to SPEEA Thursday, which included a proposed four-year contract that would roll forward the current agreement, with the exception of proposals explicitly agreed upon by both parties during negotiations.

"Under this offer, all employees represented by SPEEA would see salary pools of 5 percent annually for the duration of the contract. The average professional engineer would see $84,071 in additional pay and performance-based incentive payments over the life of the agreement. The average technical employee would see $64,515 in additional pay and incentive payments," according to a statement from Boeing.

Click here to read Boeing's comments in full.

Boeing's decision to reject SPEEA's offer didn't sit well with union members.

"Boeing’s actions reiterate the company’s growing disrespect for the engineers and technical workers who are essential to working issues and restoring confidence in the 787. While the company agreed to extend parts of the existing contracts, the offers put retirement benefits for all 23,000 engineers and technical workers, including retiree medical, at risk. In addition, Boeing’s corporate negotiator said the company will end the pension for future employees," according to a union statement.

Although SPEEA noted that Boeing's offers contain improvements, both the Professional and Technical Negotiation Teams unanimously recommend rejection.

“We are profoundly disappointed the company is taking advantage of our good-will offers to push through unwarranted cuts, put existing retiree benefits at risk and eliminate the pension for future employees,” said Ryan Rule, Professional Negotiation Team member.

Union members must now vote on Boeing's offer. Click here to read about the negotiations from SPEEA.

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