THE LIST: Peace out!

Blame it on the recent clouds. Or maybe some rattled nerves. The List is a little cranky and needs some peace. Patch readers, join us as we find some places for peace and quiet. Shhh....

Okay, I started an article about some lively summer stuff.

The List was on it.

Then, it happened.

Whiny kids. Badly stubbed toe. Work piling up. A nearly missed appointment. Stepping in a massive wad of gum (in a running shoe no less). Missed phone calls. Washing machine on the fritz. Gray clouds. Misplaced bill.

I met a friend who had different circumstances but the same story. We were aboard the SS Frazzled & Fed Up.

She then suggested that I write about peaceful places to hide, uh, I mean, relax.


Quiet. Meditation. Breathing.

She's right.

Let's get out of here Patch readers.


(University Place)

Why here: This little oasis is a nature and bird sanctuary. The trails meander through the wetlands with strategically placed benches along the way. Breathe in nature minutes from home. All you will hear are the bird calls and the wind whispering through the trees, instead of phone calls and yelling. How fast can you say OM?


Thelma Gilmur Park (Fircrest)

Why here: This urban park off the beaten path (located at about 40th and Emerson) takes peace and quiet to a new level. Paths, foliage, nature, bird watching, and trees make this a great place to think and refresh yourself. (note: Thelma Gilmur is a fascinating woman--check out the link to learn all about here and her amazing approach to all things nature).


Chinese Reconcilation Park and Jack Hyde Park (Tacoma, Ruston Way waterfront)

Why here: Sweeping views of Commencement Bay, Northeast Tacoma, Vashon Island, and Downtown Tacoma (with Mount Rainier in the backdrop) help you re-focus on local beauty instead of your inner stress. Both parks (Chinese Reconcilation Park is nearly complete, but available features are comfortable seating for contemplation, rock formations, bridges, sculpture, and more). Both are great places for a silent stroll and mood changing atmosphere. (note: for more information on the history, meaning, and planning for Chinese Reconcilation Park, please click on the link above).


The Rose Garden and Japanese Garden at Point Defiance Park (Tacoma)

Why here: Beautiful sweet smelling flowers and plants, sculpted landscapes, footbridges, waterfalls, cooling shade. Feels good already! Walk amongst the beauty in pure silence. Sit on a bench and close your eyes and bask in the sun. No disturbances. No noise. Ah, sweet bliss.


Joemma Beach State Park (Key Peninsula)

Why here: Not too far over the Narrows Bridge (and a hop, skip and a jump for Gig Harbor residents), this beach park is located in the Key Peninsula on Case Inlet. Gorgeous views, seashells, driftwood, eagles soaring overhead, and hearing the water lap the shore is a slice of local goodness and heaven. A great place to ponder life on the water's edge (particularly during the weekdays). The road trip is worth it.

Deep breath everyone.

Jackie Fender July 15, 2011 at 03:25 AM
What a magnificent list. I've been hankering for some nature but haven't found time. Maybe these are just what I need.
Kim Thompson July 15, 2011 at 03:27 PM
Thanks! Jackie you are close to the Chinese Reconciliation Park--have you checked it out? It's not complete, but I think it's going to be really cool when it is done! I particularly love the bridge noted in the picture. I could spend a lot of time there.
Jackie Fender July 16, 2011 at 12:35 AM
Not yet though I look at it longingly while buzzing down Schuster often. It has been a long work in process.
Marion Lybbert July 16, 2011 at 01:31 AM
Really great ideas for places to relax--contemplate--and re-group Kim. The soccer fields upper part of Chambers Bay Park have a walking Labirinth in the far left corner....opposite of the enviormental building. Drive in and park near the restrooms and walk across the fields (on pathways)....the shape of the labirinth is circular and brick...benches to rest your feet and look around at Mt Rainier on a clear day.


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