Skyway Rallies Community To Create Better, Safer Future

Series of community building workshops are free and open to the public.

Skyway Solutions has launched a month-long series of community conversations promoting community awareness, neighborhood collaboration and resident engagement. The dialogues are a unique collaboration between Skyway Solutions, the City of Seattle, King County and community organizations.

Given that the 2000 and 2010 Census data show the steady growing racial and ethnic diversity of Skyway/West Hill, the workshops and conversations will explore themes of racial, economic, structural and health disparities within the current context of Skyway/West Hill. Structured activities and dialogues will provide an opportunity for community residents to identify community assets, engage in new learning, and reflect on opportunities for collective action for improving the Skyway/West Hill community.

At times like these, when governance challenges and ungenerous media portrayal of Skyway/West Hill are commonplace it is vital to create opportunities for the community to come together to identify common goals, focus on shared values, and celebrate community strengths. Skyway Solutions believes that no single person, community-based organization, or governmental entity alone is responsible for improving the Skyway/West Hill community. Doing so warrants the “village” to take collective and collaborative action to build an improved future of Skyway/West Hill.

This is the second series of community conversations hosted by Skyway Solutions. The conversations are aimed at helping Skyway/West Hill residents develop the capacity—skills, knowledge, and common language—to engage in honest conversations, and seek to enable a deeper understanding of how community disparities, economic disinvestment, structural racism, and lack of equal access to opportunities not only affects the day-to-day life of all every Skyway/West Hill resident but also limits everyone’s—particularly children’s—ability to reach their full potential and participate in life and society.

Attendees will envision what equal access to opportunities for all Skyway/West Hill residents could look like and identify interests and specific roles residents can take toward a more equitable future.

The kickoff event was held February 2 at the Skyway Boys & Girls Club (12400 80th Avenue South). All events are free (includes materials and food), and open to the public. Childcare will be provided.

Schedule of workshops:

  • Kickoff: February 2nd – Race, Class and Diversity: How Our Strength Together Can Build a Community (Facilitators: Nora Liu and Glenn Harris, City of Seattle/Race & Social Justice Initiative)
  • February 9th – Development without Displacement (Facilitators: Nora Liu and Glenn Harris, City of Seattle/Race & Social Justice Initiative)
  • February 16th – Looking Out, Looking In (Facilitators: Mayet Dalila and Tilman Smith)
  • February 23rd – Healthy Communities = Healthy People: Building Health Equity in Skyway/West Hill (Facilitators: Dr. Matias Valenzuela and Caren Adams, King County Public Health/Equity & Social Justice Initiative)
Ken February 06, 2013 at 08:09 PM
What time are the Skyway Solutions workshops?
Jenny Manning February 06, 2013 at 08:13 PM
8:30am-12:30pm More information can be found at www.skywaysolutions.org. Please let us know how it is if you go!


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