Art At The Greenspot

Check out this Q&A with one of the University Place tea house's featured artists, Roxann Murray.

Sometimes, there's no better way to soak in some creative culture than sitting down for a cup of joe or pot of tea and simply taking a look around.

That's why art and cafes have gone hand-in-hand for ages. 

Here in University Place you can several examples, but the Greenspot Tea is an excellent establishment in this sense.

Currently two artists are on display for your viewing pleasure: Roxann Murray and Lynn Rodgers.

Murray has a knack for capturing a moment. Whether it be a wild or domestic animal, people or landscape, when she pushes that button to close the shutter you can bet that her eye caught something you might have missed otherwise. Though her work on display currently at the Greenspot is photography, she is also involved with mixed media.

I spoke with Murray recently about her thoughts of the space, being as this is her second time showing at the Greenspot:

Patch: How do you feel about a tea/coffeehouse and it's relationship to the artist involved in a gallery showing?

RM: I think other local eateries should display local art. Personally when I am buying food or a drink I enjoy looking at the walls and seeing art. It lets you get inspired just by going into a local restaurant/cafe. Art also creates a comfortable and aesthetic atmosphere for the customers.

Patch: What inspires you to create?

Murray: I get inspired by pretty much anything! I am most inspired by animals and issues such as body image, religion, war, and cultural identity. In the near future, I plan on creating pieces about mental illness.

Patch: Do you know the artist Rodgers as well? Do you feel like your work compliments each other?

RM: When I discovered that I would be doing a show with another artist, I thought "God I hope our art looks good together". Sure enough, Lynn Rodgers' work and my work complement each other well. The colors and composition are a great fit.

Patch: Any upcoming gallery or shows? Future artistic endeavors?

RM: I hope to show at Greenspot again in the near future. The owner is a sweetheart and the fresh tea and food is delicious. At the beginning of October I am teaching a workshop on basic Photoshop skills at the Rainier Arts Festival. Next year, I am planning on attending University of Washington Riverside and receiving my MFA in Visual Arts.

I think perhaps this opportunity and approach to art can make it more approachable to the general public. Maybe even as Murray says it serves to inspire others. As Stephen King once said, "Life isn't a support system for art. It's the other way around."

You can read more about Murray and her art form on her website: http://www.roxygirlart.com.

Kim Thompson August 24, 2011 at 01:29 PM
Great interview, Jackie!
Jackie Fender August 24, 2011 at 05:31 PM
Thanks Kim! Roxy is a pleasure-as was the Orange Cream Roobios at the Greenspot. SO good.


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